Embossing PC Hard Case for iPhone 5c

Embossed hard case series for iPhone 5c gives a nicer look and an
anti-fingerprint function and more than ten designs.
Embossed hard case series for iPhone 5c

Colorful pencil design for iPhone 5c

Embossed LOVE & colored PC iPhone 5c case

Artistic eye embossing cover for iPhone 5c

Circle flower embossing cover

Heart shape maple case for iPhone 5c

Colored hearts pattern for iPhone

Butterfly iPhone 5c hard case

Beautiful feather iPhone 5c case

I Love You embossed iPhone cover

iPhone 5c makeup lipsticks PC hard case

Geometric design hard case

Colorful tribe iPhone 5c design

Air mail iPhone 5c hard case


iPhone 5s Leather Cover, Elegant Series for Ladies

Using high quality imported pu leather material, KLD My Love Series for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 are perfect for ladies with fashion and elegant design.


New Series for Samsung Galaxy S4

Want to give your Galaxy S4 for a new coat? Try new series cell phone case from TVC-Mall. The following are three very representative series.
3D butterfly foral covers for Galaxy S4
Decorated with shiny rhinestones in the sun and light, plus vivid 3D butterflies design, this series of Samsung rhinestone case are very eye-catching and welcomed by ladies.
Leather stand flip series for Samsung Galaxy S4
You may have seen lots styles of stand flip case, but you will still be attracted the first sight you saw them. Indeed, few can refuse the temptation to own one Galaxy S4 case designed with so cute girls.
PC silicone hybrid cases

Colorful PC + silicone hybrid case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in seven patterns, namely feather, strange creature, owls, sweet cookie, beer retro American flag and so on.


The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C finally released, surprise or disappoint?

After a year of waiting, Apple finally brought us something new, breaking through the practice, for the first time issued two versions of iPhone, one is the new flagship iPhone 5S, the other is colorful iPhone 5C. When the two versions of the iPhone officially released, some of previous speculation and rumors prove to be untrue. Are iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C exciting for everyone?

"Cheap version of the iPhone 5C” is not cheap 
Positioning of iPhone 5C is very unique, this is the first time Apple changes the design of product line. Its hardware configuration almost fully adopts iPhone5 version, the biggest change is the integration of plastic appearance design, and support the five colors of the accessories. The letter “C” meaning was proved neither “Cheap” nor “China” but "Colorful", on behalf of the five kinds of plastic shell color, green, blue, yellow, pink, and white color schemes, breaking the old black and white mold. By convention, each generation of the iPhone is released, apple will continue to sell the iPhone at a lower price on the generation, but after the release, the iPhone 5 will be removed, instead is 5C.

iPhone 5S—The Most Forward-Thinking Smartphone in the World 
As a new generation of flagship model, the iPhone 5S has not larger screen or better appearance, a bit disappointed? IPhone 5S added a golden model, blended in a large number of scientific and technological content. The biggest change is the A7 processor, which is the world's first used in smartphones 64 - bit processors on the ARM architecture, performance A6 2 times faster than the iPhone 5, is the original iPhone 40 times.

It makes sense to talk about which the features of the iPhone 5S from that the iPhone 5C can only dream about, so we can start with the fingerprint sensor. No more PINs or passwords men - just press the Home button with your finger and you’re in.

Then, what we concern most also includes price. iPhone 5S will cost $200 with a two-year contract while iPhone 5C will be available at a cheaper $100 price. Both will arrive on September 20th in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the UK, with iPhone 5c per-orders starting September 13th. In this generation iPhone release, mainland China for the first time becomes starting area, which also demonstrates apple's emphasis on the Chinese market.


TVC Mall Prepared Gifts with Chinese Characteristics during Promotion Campaign

Promotion campaign on TVC Mall for Great Contest held by Alibaba has been halfway; do you get preferential discounts in the first phase of discount campaign? TVC Mall pleasantly surprised unceasingly, after the sale, gift ushered in the activity. These gifts are selected with Chinese characteristic extremely; believe that will give you a special impression. For all our new or regular clients, you are gifted with free presents according to the value of your order within the campaign duration. The details are as follows:
1) A assorted colors rainbow bangle for the first 1000 orders valued no less than 10 USD;
2) A card case for the first 500 orders valued no less than 50 USD;
3) An 8GB USB flash disk for the first 200 orders valued no less than 100 USD;
4) A 16GB USB flash disk for the first 100 orders valued no less than 500 USD;
5) A scarf for the first 50 orders valued no less than 1,000 USD;
6) Scarfs and USB flash disks for any order valued no less than 2,000 USD.

Here are brief introduction about these distinctive free gifts on TVC Mall, which will help you to learn more about Chinese culture and TVC Mall. First of all, the rainbow bracelets, as its name suggests, is very beautiful and good decoration with red, yellow, and green, blue. Second, card case printed with facial makeup. It is not exaggerating to say that good and evil are depicted clearly by means of the differentiated bi-facial make - ups. No wonder it is regarded as a magic flower in the palace of art. The USB flash disk is designed with TVC Mall Logo, and includes video about TVC Mall culture. The last of the gift is a scarf divided into two kinds, one is the Peacock, and the other is floral design. You can choose according to individual fond of. 


HTC One now has blue and other three color schemes

September this year is destined to be a turbulent. Apple officially send out the announcement of a new invitation letter, time is on September 10, in Cupertino, California, USA. The conference's slogan is "This should brighten everyone’s day". Period listed with the upcoming new lot is quite eye-catching differentiation of selling point; want to be in such a competitive mobile phone market with a sky of its own, keeping its own characteristics is a must. Today, HTC has released a blue version of the new HTC One, perhaps a new generation of HTC's flagship product HTC One Max will then appear.

Real, at the beginning of the new HTC One release, HTC launched ice silver and jedi black two colors version of the new HTC One, and in July, HTC has launched a red version of the new HTC One, plus blue version has just been released, the new HTC One now has four different color schemes, largely enriched the user personalized options.

In addition, besides blue version of the new HTC One, HTC also launched a blue version of the HTC One mini. As for their time to market will be in the fourth quarter of this year, but is part of a specific market.


Sexy and bright bikini iPhone case from TVC Mall

In this era of make public individual character, in order to win the attention of more people, the humble cell phone case should also refuse to mediocrity. Protective cover now already is not just a protective case, but also containing the user's aesthetic view, also can be used to dress collocation, adjust the color of the mood. I have seen lots of iPhone case, but not much of them can impress me deep, sexy Bikini Phone case is one of those series shining my eye at first time I saw them from TVC Mall.

I'd like to share with you three styles of pretty bikini iPhone cases. The first one is black 3D bikini shaped case, which can be used for iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. This iPhone silicone bikini case combines the feminine charm of vitality, bright and pretty and also makes you picture the beautiful scenery of leaping on the beach and dancing in the breeze. Next one is Aesthetic 3D Bikini UK Flag Design Back Cover for iPhone 4s and iPhone 4, the UK flag design makes this phone bikini more eye-catching and unique. Last one is Sexy Mini Panties Strawberry Pattern Home Button Key Cover, creative, cool and durable as well.

Besides these, TVC Mall also picked hot-selling products for you and offer a discount up to 50% from August 26, 2013 to September 5, 2013. The promotion covers a lot of cell phone accessories for latest mobile phone models, mobile phone parts and some other professional tools, such as Touch Screen Panel Hot Plate LCD Separator Machine, etc.